• Q. Do I need a referral from a GP to see a psychologist?

    • A. You do not need a referral to see one of our Wollongong psychologists. You can just call us and make an appointment. If your GP has done a Mental Health Care Plan, you will be eligible for a rebate of between $87.45 and $128.40 per session from Medicare, for up to 20 sessions per calendar year. However, this rebate only applies to registered psychologists. All our staff are registered psychologists.

  • Q. How do I make an appointment?

    • A. Contact the Illawarra Counselling Centre on 0242261099

  • Q. Are the counsellors qualified?

    • A. The Illawarra Counselling Centre maintains extremely high standards of service by ensuring all our counselling staff possess outstanding academic credentials, professional accreditation membership and extensive industry within the EAP environment. The Illawarra Counselling Centre only employs tertiary qualified psychologists who have extensive experience across a wide range of counselling approaches, including anxiety and depression counselling in the Illawarra and relationship counselling in the Illawarra. They must also have membership with the Australian Psychological Society as a minimum. Professional supervision and on-going training is provided to our staff to ensure a high quality of service.

  • Q. Who will know what I/We discuss at therapy?

    • No-one, unless you provide us with consent to advise them.

      The Illawarra Counselling Centre is a completely independent organisation, and all information remains strictly confidential.

      Information can only be released to a third party [such as your employer or doctor] at your request and with your signed consent.

      Your confidentiality is of the utmost importance and is protected by law. We are bound by the Privacy act (1988) and will always adhere to its requirements to protect your privacy.

      All limitations of confidentiality are explained in detail prior to commencing your first session.

      Essentially, these confidentiality provisions, however, are limited where there is a need to

      1. Protect a child or children.
      2. Prevent or lessen a serious or imminent threat to life, health or property.
      3. Prevent violence or a threat of violence to a person or property.

      Only your treating psychologist and yourself will know that you have attended and what is discussed during any session.

      If your psychologist believes it would be beneficial to speak to someone about your situation, they will ask for your written permission before they do so.

  • Q. What can I expect during my first appointment?

    • A. During your first appointment, you will meet with an experienced clinician who will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current concerns. By the end of your first session, you will have a clear treatment plan to commence tackling the presenting issue.

  • Q. How long does a session last?

    • A. Each counselling and psychotherapy session lasts for approximately one hour. Sessions are usually once a week. After some time, sessions may be spaced out to suit you.

  • Q. How many sessions will I need?

    • A. The number of sessions will be different for each person, and will depend partly on the level of change that you wish to achieve. Occasionally, people find that one session gives them enough self-awareness to begin to make the changes that they desire. More commonly, people will attend between 4 and 10 sessions, while others will continue therapy for a number of months.

  • Q. What if I wish to cancel an appointment?

    • A. You are welcome to cancel your counselling appointment at any time. Please be sure to give at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or to change your appointment time. This enables the time to be made available for someone else. The full fee may be charged for late cancellation and missed appointments.

  • Q. What are the fees?

    • A. Fees vary depending on length and type of consultation. Fees charged at the Illawarra Counselling centre are substantially lower than the recommended fee set by the Australian Psychological Society. Fees for an adult or child psychologist in Wollongong must be paid at the time of consultation. Payments are accepted by cash, ETPOS, Visa, MasterCard or Amex.

      Please feel free to contact our practice to discuss our fees with us. [You can contact us on
      (02) 4226 1099].

      You may be able to receive a rebate if you have private health insurance, or from Medicare depending on your health plan. For more detailed information, please visit our Fees and Rebates page.